Vectorization of a Physics Solver

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Been spending the last few days taking a standard physics solver setup and solution and vectorizing the resulting operations. Its been a lot of fun and will make porting it/working with it on a SPU much easier. I have also been trying to isolate small tasks to get a good to do list going for the holiday break. Finally, been working out the last remaining issues on the X360 build - which is now up and running. I threw in basic controller, audio and XMV support since its literally only takes six lines of code on the X360. Its amazing how easy the SDK for that platform is to use. One day when I feel extremely masochistic and in the need of a good sledge hammer to the brain, I’ll work on the PS3 port. It is possible hell will freeze over first. Hard to say. I did manage to survive multiple PS2 titles, so it aint all bad -)