Personal and Professional Web Page for Andrew Aye

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Welcome to the fifth iteration of my personal website.

I have created this primarily for professional reasons. First, it serves as a portal to my personal game engine project. In earlier iterations, I processed the code into Html for people to view online. Currently, it is stored in a release repository on GitHub. In addition, I have a copy of my thoughts on various topics over the years, presented as a somewhat erratic blog. I discuss my general management philosophy. I have a record of some books that helped to develop my thinking regarding management. My thoughts on some of those books round out the professional pages. I enjoy having the central source as it is something I can refer to when mentoring or discussing career resources.

There will be some personal flourishes that I will add to the site over time. Namely, there will be a record of some of the collections I have gathered. Mostly that will be lego sets, Pixar teapots from Siggraph, and figurines from Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles. For things like holiday photos, my wife posts to the regular list of social networking sites. I have never connected with those sites, and so only expect an occasional rare post.