Firefox and Writing-Mode

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So I’m starting to think that having a blog means writing something more than once a month or in this case more than once every 3 months. Been busy working on NWN2 so many things outside of work have kinda slid into obscurity over the last few months. I am beginning to get the web page ready for a more public and broad spectrum of people to access and found out that many of my code pages did not render at all on Firefox. I realize that text formatting is a complicated matter - I spent many years in front of DTPs (Ventura and then later PageMaker) not to know. However, the way that each browser seem to flaunt any type of conformance to any standard is enough to drive people up a wall. I am now 100% certain that browsers are made by web designers who believe in job security through obscurity. Seriously, if any language with the complete non-standard compliance that html/css has came out as a professional product for general purpose programming, it would be laughed out of the market and dropped into the dust bins of history. The one saving grace was PHP where I could create a ridiculous state list to take into account the vagrancies of the different browsers. What a pain!

Anyways - so with that done the pages should be showing in Firefox now - downloaded it just to test it and it seems to be working out fine. Testing in IE 7.0 as well, just to make sure.

Starting to think about the future, and what I want to do with my little project. The XNA announcement from Microsoft for casual developers to make X360 games has me thinking about distributing the physics/collision/scenegraph part of the engine for people to play with for people making free games. Eventually, I may put together a toolset and graphics core but that is probably much more long term.

If you have any questions about the collision code feel free to send me an email or just talkback on the blog. I will be adding explanations and commentaries on request.